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With so many media experiences employing impressive complex technology, it’s easy to get lost in the complex jargon and many times, complex equations. We know exactly how frustrating this can be so we have commited to laying out this information in a easy to understand, every language fashion.

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Binaural Audio

This unique audio experience is guaranteed to leave a chill down your spine. But how exactly does it work?

Hi-Resolution Audio

Marketing fad or something more? We take a look at the real meaning behind HD Audio

Active Noise Cancelling

How exactly does noise cancelling work? We demystify the surprisingly simple science behind it!

Digital To Audio Converter

You may not know it but this magical little device plays a pivotal role in everyday life. What is a DAC though?

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With over 15 years of combined classical and contemporary music training between them, Jon and Dan decided to put their knowledge to good use and start exploring the technology that works behind the scenes to make our everyday lives that little bit more awesome!

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