Hey there! Beyond Amplified is a site born from two guys’ passion for audio and media. We both grew up studying classical music and spent our childhood learning various instruments. It goes without saying that we both have a real passion for music whether than be music production or curating the perfect playlist for any mood.

After a couple of drinks, you’ll often find us arguing over whose taste in music is better or which brand of headphones is the best (I wish I was joking!). This site has become the perfect outlet for our passion and we’re excited to share that with you!

Beyond Amplified

Why Beyond Amplified?

It stems from the belief that modern media and music is quiet literally being increasingly amplified in volume. This interesting phenomenon was the foundation of our the site. The theory goes that by increasing the volume of the softer notes in a track, producers are able to make audio tracks punchier and appear louder and more enticing to audiences at the expense of clarity. 

It’s safe to say this is just one of many things that go on during the production process and we’re here to find out what else goes on behind closed doors!

Our Goal

The world of multimedia is often full of fancy jargon and the over reliance on buzzwords which don’t mean a whole lot to everyday people. We felt that there was a real need for easy to follow, impartial and high quality advice on things in the audio visual word and so, we decided to start this site.

As two guys who have a particularly strong phobia of mathematics (sorry math geeks!), we both believe there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find out how something in the audio visual world works only to be presented with complex equations and graphs which only exist to boggle the mind.

As a result, it became our mission to cut through the unnecessary theorems and algorithms and explain how things work in a way that everyday human beings would hope to have a chance at understanding. 

The Guys Behind The Site


Jonny studied classical guitar for 8 years, and is a huge fan of music festivals. It’s unlikely you’ll find him without a pair of headphones around his neck even if he’s just heading to the store for some lunch. He loves discovering new music and is a huge supporter of independent and up and coming artists. 


Dan studied to play the piano for 10 years, and has always had an interest in digital music production. He’s always been proud of his eclectic and unique taste in music. He’s particularly interested in the technical side of audio production and loves to tinker with any new audio equipment he can get his hands on.

Check Out Some Of Our Favorites

Below you’ll find a few of our favorite tracks, specially curated for you, our readers. Expect to see an eclectic mix ranging from rock to electro. We hope you enjoy!

Jonny’s Playlist 

Dan’s playlist